Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tonight's Lullaby

Tonight’s Lullaby
by: Cristine Chen

Moon is hiding in her shed tonight
The rain drops echoing in the room
I stroke your hair as you fall into slumber
Your innocence infusing the air

Orange  lights illuminating black shadows
A mix of violin and clarinet
I sing you the song
Mother lions hum at night

And as the song progresses
I slowly shed my strong wall down

Remembering the days
I blocked out all the bullets
Harshly targeted to our still wandering hearts
To keep you safe, to let you have a childhood

Days when your eyes would glisten with wonder,
your every move would speak of admiration
I have a lot, but you only have me

And as the carousel stops spinning
I sing the last line of the song
Holding that plump hands of yours to mine
Your slowly beating heart against the fast pace of life

Bittersweet tears, drop on the music sheet