Saturday, August 3, 2013

FIBA ASIA- from a Taiwanese perspective

This win was not an easy one.

Decided to compile my thoughts into a blog post since 140 characters on Twitter wouldn't suffice. 

We were around 6 people cheering for Taiwan in our area. If you estimate, 100 Taiwanese vs 13,000 Filipino fans. At first I was cheering for both countries. But ever since people started shouting BOOOO at us, I felt that I needed to step up and bring up the Taiwanese crowd. David vs Goliath, literally. You know when you shout and you could still hear yourself.. that was how few our people were. 

And the Taiwanese flag couldn't even be raised because of political issues. Two guards were monitoring me since I kept getting it again and again from my bag after being sermoned. Even our national anthem wasn't played, it was the 'other anthem'.

There was that time at the game when the Philippines was leading. People were literally cheering at our faces. It was so sad and funny at the same time. My brother wanted to move to the Philippine team but I told him "No, stick to your country, win or lose"

And of course, you could imagine our relief when we won. The players, the coach, everyone was screaming and tearing up. 
No seriously, how could you win with the entire arena boo-ing at you? Even Taiwanese media were lost around the arena. Honestly was not expecting that.

The players left the arena with people  still boo-ing at them. Yes. So what did my cousin and I do? We ran to the bus and waved our 'banned' flag. You could see how their faces shone with relief and happiness. The coach was taking videos of us two! It was 60 people vs us 2 right there at the terminal. They were boo-ing at us 2. But my mind set that time was " I don't f-ing care anymore."

This was just a competition but I realized I was willing to do so much for my roots. To the point I could tolerate thousands of people boo-ing at our faces.

Would you fight for your country? 

Ending this post with this conversation which would be on newspapers tomorrow in Taiwan (lol) 
Newspaper writer: So why are you rooting for Taiwan?
Me: No matter where you are in this world, I believe you have to go back to your roots. That's who you are. And so when my country needs me, I will go back. So tonight, Taiwan Jia You.

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