Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Flying to Vietnam

designed by Charmaine Hwan <3
Asec Flies. Ah so much feels.

The planning stage taught me a lot of valuable lessons, and some of these lessons had to come from harsh experiences. And I have to say, it's one of the most challenging project I've handled (so far) in my stay in Ateneo. And so, it deserves a blog post!

Having to start from scratch with just 2 months left, waiting for months just for an email, non stop calling and emailing overseas, keeping the itinerary in line with the organization's vision and mission, searching for the best deals, negotiating with professionals, monitoring unstable airline prices, ............................. (all with other  projects and academic work going on). 

Just thankful for supportive and talented people from the team (hi Dash! <3 Thanks also to Benny, Belle, JJ and Jrey! And of course the awesome Promotions team! And to everyone who helped along the way!)
This trip would not have been possible without everyone :)

It's better not to elaborate on the challenges anymore because this is it,
We're flying tomorrow.
The real challenge begins, but I have huge trust in our team (Dash, JJ, Jrey) :)
19 travelers, One love for traveling. Leggo!

wearing the ASEC shirt

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