Monday, November 7, 2011

Taiwan Day 2- EG, Haircut, Shopping

(I didn't picture the shopping part and the haircut part though.)

We ate in 義果義大利美食坊
This restaurant is known for using healthy and organic ingredients. 

photo credit: my dearest auntie Sara
(They misspelled ITALIAN) 
grabbed from Google
                         The ambiance here is calming and soothing. The designs are really appealing,too.

Girl's C.R.
We each ordered from the lunch set menu.
The meal started with bread with butter and tomato as dippings.
Then there's the salad and soup.
I ordered
Spaghetti with chicken and pesto sauce

Their serving is really generous. Large amounts of chicken and pesto were added to it. It's tasty yet not "nakakaumay".
(I do not know the direct translation for this Filipino word. The closest word I can think of is "fed up".)
I forgot to picture the drink. It's my favorite, Pearl Milk Tea <3

Went shopping and had my haircut done. After "The talk" with the hairstylist, I started primping up my hair. Tired of just letting my hair loose without any accessories. 

Fullbangs // side bangs

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