Saturday, November 5, 2011

TAIWAN Day 1(11/2)

TAIWAN day 1(11/2)
We were supposed to go to Thailand, but decided to reschedule it to December.
And so we flew back to my home town, Taiwan (Which I actually more prefer going  than Thailand)
*Taiwan Kaohsiung- father's side*

Traveling alone is fine. But bringing my little brother? Added pressure.
I feel like my brother's mother these days.

I was welcomed with this drink
Red tea with almond pudding and 4 different kinds of sago/pearl
I edited it already and made it a portrait image but apparently it did not work out.
For now, please turn your head 90 degrees to the right. (hehe)

Taiwan Roasted Sausage

That used to be my favorite food. It's juicy with a bit of roasted sweet taste when you bite it. Since I don't eat pork, Kevin(my brother) ate my serving. 

That's all for part one. Feel free to bookmark!

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