Monday, June 4, 2012

Thailand 2012: Bangkok

This is my fourth time in Bangkok. My dad enjoys Thailand so we always end up here lol
Enroute to Bangkok we passed by Bee Farm and Elephant farm.

Bee Farm
Scary but still forced a smile
Jollibee Thai version hahaha

Honey chocolate ice cream. Really interesting mix. (40 baht)
around 600 bhat/person
Really fun, especially for little children! My little Kevin looked pissed off up there but laughed his way back ;]

This classic Thai soup is a MUST 

Actually, our goal this trip is to worship that 4 Faced Buddha.
Since I'm a believer of Jesus, I just sat there and observed the people's actions.



The rest of our Bangkok trip was spent shopping.
(Just check their website to see when their next big sale is!)


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