Monday, June 4, 2012

Thailand 2012: PATTAYA

Here are the highlights of the trip! 
And some tips if you are travelling to Thailand.


If we have to compare Pattaya to an island in the Philippines, it has to be Boracay.
This is where the sand, the sun, and the party are.
A difference is, Pattaya is also known for its red light district. 
And no, I did not dare indulge in that part of their culture.
Party truck. 
The original Vita Milk
This mango rice up there is one of my favorites in Thailand. 
It is composed of coconut milk (gata), Mango and sticky rice. Sweet, sour and a hint of coconut milk in one bite. A must try! (Around 50 baht= 70 pesos?)

Pattaya is also known for its many variety shows. One of the most popular one is of course the, transgender show. 
If you have watched the Amazing Show in Manila, it's something similar. Except the one we are talking about here in Pattaya is the original one.
(1300 pesos)

If you are not into the arts and culture, this is what most likely will happen to you

Off to Coral Island!
Angel, my dearest family friend
The boat ride gave me an adrenaline rush. Mr. Captain, please do slow down your pace next time.


Here at the stop point. Yay for Parasailing!
The only thrilling part is when you run. When you're up there, gosh I swear I felt like sleeping.

I believe I can fly..

Chilling under the many umbrellas in Coral Island

Next up: Bangkok

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