Saturday, March 30, 2013

Big City

I believe it was Mall of Asia which shed a light of urbanization into Pasay/Paranaque. When I was a kid, the view outside was the sea. Now, right in front of our house, is Solaire Casino and the newest Entertainment City. (Literally in front)

Maundy Thursday moon
Both in Taiwan and in the Philippines, our houses are usually in the city (father side). Living in the city gives a sense of security. Maybe because the hustle and bustle in the city temporarily silences the problems our hearts and minds are trying to scream out. 
I have to say though, living in the city is stressful as compared to living near the beach or the mountains ( hello there nature lover )

The side which faces Solaire used to be the " most boring " view for me. It showed nothing but the ocean and coconut trees. Now as I grow older and the city is becoming more and more 'Big city like', I treasure every moment I can still see the ocean. 

Spot Mall of Asia
 I grew up in the unit which faces the airport. It is also where the sun rises up in the morning. As the fable of Mencius goes,  where you live influences how you think. Watching airplanes fly in and out each day gave me an open mind, that I can leave whenever I want and it is just a matter of choice. There is always a way. Our place here in the Philippines influenced me in more ways than I can imagine.
The future Entertainment City 

Coastal road

 It is a struggle- one side I want the city to progress and turn into an investment center, but the other side of me yearns for that ocean view again. 
Where I took pictures
Thinking about it, a city is meant to progress.
Let's just hope that this progress is not just a progress on the investors'  part.

x Cristine 

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