Sunday, March 31, 2013

Travel: Packing outfits for a tropical trip

For those travelling to tropical countries/islands this summer, here are some guides I found on Pinterest for you. Especially for girls, we want to pack every nice outfit what if I can wear this, okay Im bringing it! Just learned how to pack light two years ago, after much sermon from my grandmother in Taiwan Y U PACK YOUR CABINET EVERY TIME (of course in Chinese).  
However, I haven't learned the art of packing light for the winter season lol

It is important to first research on the culture of a place. We don't want to offend a conservative place with short shorts
Good enough for  a week, mixing and matching is the key
Remember: There are stores in the place you are going to, whether boutiques or souvenir stores. If ever you 'lack' clothes, you can just get a shirt or dress there (washing your clothes is another option if you're staying for more than a month)

In my case, I like wearing comfortable clothes when it comes to travelling, whether in tropical or winter destinations. If you're worried about looking too relaxed in your post-travel Facebook album, well bring on the shades. They never fail!

Have fun this summer!  ;) 

                                                          Photos from: PINTEREST 

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