Monday, December 19, 2011

Grad pictorial

Time flies too fast. 
Remember years ago I wore a dress for pregnant women in the Grad pictorial lol (not kidding)

Anyway, we were required to prepare 3 outfits..
1.) Toga Shot
2.) Personality
3.) Creative

1.) For the toga shot, I had my make up done in school since the artist seemed professional. Requested for a rocker feel and I ended up looking like Nicki Minaj. Aside from that, it was not that bad. 

2.) Personality shot

Edgy with a hint of girly style = Me
Music player and lover= Me
So combining the two, this is what I ended up with

Took this photo BEHIND the backdrop hahaha
Really not used to smiling without teeth

3.) Creative shot

I know what you are imagining. A huge red inflatable tomato outfit seen in children Halloween parties.

what's up ketchup

If I did wear that, no doubt my children, grandchildren, grand grand children... would give me no respect. 

Opted for a little Katy Perry feel in the outfit so:
That green thing is my brother's CHRISTMAS DECORATION
I brought real tomatoes! 
Tomato is one of my popular nick names! 
Because whenever:
.. The temperature increases
.. I feel ashamed
.. I laugh
.. I get "kilig"
.. ETC ;]

I turn crazy red. It's really easy to make me blush. 

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