Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nihonbashi Tei

Considering this is a food/travel/life blog, guess it is time to post a "food only" blog post.

Today we grabbed a quick lunch at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants.
Believe it or not, I only discovered the name of this restaurant a while ago. I never really pay attention to the names of Jap restos. 
Well except for those which are so commercialized it is difficult not to remember ( like, Teriyaki Boy).

A Japanese old man opened our car door for us and when we entered, the staff started showering us with their enthusiasm. Well trained, indeed.

We ordered two set meals only since Kevin (my little brother) doesn't eat much when it comes to Japanese cuisine.

I believe this is Matcha tea. We usually drink it hot but because of the weather, we decided to just drink it cold.

Our first set was composed of raw beef (for grilling), Ebi Tempura, Miso soup, rice and dessert.
Been craving for ebi tempura for a week already so I finished everything hehe
Wasn't able to take a picture of the whole thing since we were too hungry. 

My dad grilled the beef for us. He first dipped the raw beef in that sauce with sesame seeds you see on the right side. When cooked, dip it on the sauce in the left side. But I suggest don't dip sauce anymore after cooking because it might cover the taste of the beef.

Set number 2 can be seen in the picture. It has squid and fish sashimi, grilled fish, tamago, mini salad, Ebi fry, cucumber/squid/seaweed soaked in vinegar, and this other dish (I forgot what you call it)

Since my dad can't chew the squid and I don't eat raw food, I just grilled the squid for me to eat!

AND, it was only today when I learned that there is yellow wasabi?! See that yellow thing beside the shrimp? (Call me noob haha)
Yellow wasabi is the milder one compared to the green one we usually have.

I had iced coffee for 'dessert' and Kevin had nata de co co.
hi Kevin
This restaurant will always be our place to go when we can't think of anything to eat during lunch time. 

set 1- 450 pesos
set 2- around 550 pesos

483 Pedro Gil Street, Ermita, Manila, Philippines
Tel: +632-708-2807

Oh they have a Makati branch too!

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