Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Compared to Filipino culture, we don't really celebrate Christmas with as much dedication and passion.
But since our family lives here, more or less we got influenced by the Filipino's festive spirit!

Honestly, I sometimes envy my friends who get to celebrate with their titas and titos. Going to mass together and all. Never got to experience that.

Nevertheless, I had fun this Christmas.

Christmas eve
 We celebrated in our family friend's place in Dasma with family friends. (say what)

At this point, you might wonder where I am. Well, I looked too stressed out that day so never mind. Let us just admire the photography lol

On the way home, we were craving for cake so we stopped by Heritage Hotel to buy one.
Php 1100 

Chocolate with hazelnut. 
I liked the frosting since it wasn't that sweet thus making the cake not "nakakaumay"
It tasted like Toblerone chocolate made into a cake.
The price may be a bit high but it is reasonable considering it was bought from a hotel.

Christmas Day:
So we had a BBQ session with family friends again.
It was more casual so I had more fun this day
uncle Peter
Oyster Miswa// soup

One taste of the Miswa and I felt like I was in Taiwan.
(Leaving tomorrow anyway ;] )
It was really authentic.

This kid is TOO cute and I'm sure he'll be a rocker in the future. We made him try all the instruments in Garage band and the only ones he liked were the electric guitar and the drums.
Cutie patotie!

My new friend from Enduran. She's half Taiwanese and half Korean!

I am a big fan of coconut! So this fruit salad, which was composed of 80% coconut, made me CRAZY.

And lastly, Mango Bene from Mary Grace.
This dessert is a must try!
Each bite makes you go to Mango Heaven.
The mango is really fresh plus the cream.. ahh.


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